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Seiko Dive Watches

Seiko has been making quality watches for a long time, and they have really their watches right at the top of the pile through innovation, quality and value that they add to every time piece they produce. Seiko dive watchesseiko dive watches make up quite a significant portion of their complete watch range, and they are very popular with those that want a sturdy and reliable watch at a very affordable price.

What Seiko has done with their dive watch range, is to produce watches that are multi-functional, and can be worn in a wide range of situations. While they can of course be used for diving if this is what you want it for, but most people that buy a Seiko dive watch want it to wear for daily regular usage. Most of their designs can be worn for casual wear through to smarter business wear.

A closer look at some Seiko dive watches

Here are some specific examples of some Seiko dive watches so you can see some of their collection, and get an idea of the different designs they have. In their collection, you will of course find dive watches available a varying prices, but they all offer very good quality and value for money.

Seiko SKX007K Diver’s Automatic Watch

seiko dive watchThe Seiko SKX007K has a classic dive-watch look and feel to it, with the durable rubber band that can stand up to the harsh conditions that salt water presents. It is water resistant to a depth of 660 feet, and also has a water pressure resistance of 200 bar. The main watch face is made from the very strong Hardlex material, so again the watch is very capable of being used in a range of harsh conditions.

The Japanese automatic movement used in the SKX007K diver watch enables the watch to be powered without a battery. The simple movement of your arm is enough to keep the watch fully charged and at the correct time. This ensures there is no down-time, as you would get when a normal watch’s battery runs out.

Seiko SSC017 “Solar Dive” Stainless Steel Dive Watch

If you prefer a stainless steel strap to the rubber strap, the Seiko SSC017 dive watch is a great option. This is the kind of watch you can easily wear 100 feet under water if you want to go diving with it seiko-dive-watches-3on, or with a business suit if you want it for regular daily use. The design of the watch is very appealing, it really catches the eye right away. The blue contrast color on the black watch face and bezel adds to the look.

The Seiko SSC017 is solar powered, so to keep it charged it just needs to be exposed to a bright light. This does not have to be natural light, it can be a strong man-made light, so you can leave it on your dressing table and it can be charged by your bedside light. This offers a lot of convenience to the user. It is water resistant down to 660 feet (200 meters), and provides a very durable watch that can stand up to heavy usage.

Seiko SSC021 Solar Diver Chronograph Watch

seiko-dive-watches-4The Seiko SSC021 is another classic looking dive watch that has the durable rubber band. The clasp is a buckle, so it will stay securely on the wrist at all times, which is what you need if you are to use it for diving purposes. It is run by quartz movement, which provides reliability and accuracy. The watch is also solar powered, so will remain fully charged just by exposure to light.

The SSC021 is 3 sub-dials within the main watch face. These provide readings for hours, minutes and seconds and will enable you to keep an accurate overview of your dive if you are wearing it when you go diving. The watch can be worn for daily use, and looks very stylish when on. As with all Seiko dive watches, it offers a lot of quality at a very affordable price.

Seiko SNE107 Solar Dive Watchseiko-dive-watches-5

If you want a dive watch that is very high in the aesthetics department, the Seiko SNE107 is certainly one to consider. It is made from stainless steel throughout, and provides a modern and stylish watch design that can be worn in a whole number of situations. While this watch certainly can be worn for diving if required, and it has the same 660 feet water resistance as the other Seiko dive watches do, it is more a watch for daily usage, and will go well with a business suit and casual wear.

These are just some of the excellent Seiko dive watches currently available. They are all very good quality watches that offer the ideal combination of style and reliability.

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