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Invicta 0071 Pro Diver Watch Review

Invicta make a wide range of watches, and all available at very reasonable prices too. The Invicta 0071 is from their Pro Diver collection of watches, and it offers a lot of Invicta 0071functionality, as well as stylish looks. It has a modern design, and due to its impressive style, it can be used in a wide range of situations. It is ideal for wearing with a business suit, or just as good with casual wear.

As well as the main dial, you also have three other sub-dials located on the face of the 0071 watch. These offer further functionality, and if you need to have accurate timing for things like diving, then these additional dials will come in very useful. The face of the watch is fairly large, so will suit larger wrists better.

A closer look at the Invicta 0071

Stainless steel design

The bracelet and casing on the Invicta 0071 are made from polished and brushed stainless steel. It certainly gives the watch that look of quality, and ensures it can be worn in a wide range of situations. Smart business wear, or a casual get-up, the 0071 is just at home with both.

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The stainless steel design also adds that level of durability to the watch, and ensures that it stays looking like new for many years to come. The bracelet is also very comfortable and can easily be adjusted to fit different wrist sizes.

Swiss quartz movement

The Invicta 0071 is not just about the looks, this watch is also extremely accurate. This is due to the Swiss quartz movement it uses to control the operation and timing. The precise movement of Swiss quartz not only keeps the timing accurate, but it also provides a really smooth motion for the hands, so the watch operates really efficiently.

Invicta 0071 review

Size and style

As previously mentioned, the 0071 from Invicta is quite a large watch, so better suited to people with larger wrists. The dimensions of the watch are as follows:

  • Case diameter: 48mm
  • Case thickness: 17mm
  • Band width: 26mm

As the Invicta 0071 is part of their Pro Diver collection, you have a working bezel that moves in both directions so you can keep accurate timing of your dives. The clasp is easy to use, and has a fold-over design that provides quick and easy release when required, and holds very firm when done up.

Invicta-0071-3Additional information

Being a Diver watch, the Invicta 0071 is water resistant down to 660 feet. The hands have a luminous design so they can be seen more easily in the dark, or when underwater. The silver colored dial is in-keeping with the rest of the watch design, so it looks uniform throughout.

Last thoughts on the Invicta 0071

The 0071 has a really stylish design that certainly looks like it is worth a lot more than its actual price. With the Swiss quartz movement, you have a reliable and accurate timing ability that will ensure you do not have to worry about the watch losing time and accuracy.

The sub dials on the watch also provide additional functionality, so you have a lot of versatility with the analog design. The Invicta 0071 is a very good quality Pro Diver watch, that offers amazing value for money.

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