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Citizen JY0050-55L Skyhawk Titanium Watch Review

The Citizen JY0050-55L is part of the Blue Angels Skyhawk series, and this watch looks really stunning in its design. Citizen just seems to keep making watches that really JY0050-55L look amazing. But it is not just the looks, it is the features and innovation that goes into their watches that makes them so popular, and the JY0050-55L has certainly won a lot of admirers since it was released.

This titanium version of the JY0050-55L makes the watch that much lighter, and the brush finish to the titanium gives it a real look of quality. The hands run really smoothly too, it certainly looks like the watch is worth a lot more than the actual price of it. The design of the watch is very sporty, but it can also be worn in any situation, and even with a business suit and still look the part.

The JY0050-55L also seems to fit different sized writes well, without looking too big. Although the watch is fairly large in its design it is not so oversized that it looks out of place on wrists that are thinner. It is easy to use and access the bezel and buttons when required, so you can use any of the additional features that the watch has quickly and easily.

This video explains how the Eco-drive system works on the JY0050-55L

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A closer look at the Citizen JY0050-55L

Watch style and design features

Citizen JY0050-55L has a distinct style that includes titanium lugs that hold the inter-woven chain-like straps in a tight grip. The strap is available in both titanium and stainless steel with the titanium version being pricey, however, it comes with added advantages; it is more durable, classy and light in weight.

citizen JY0050-55L

The Citizen JY0050-55L has a black rotating slide rule bezel with the stylish outer and inner rings bearing chronographic measurements that match the hour, the minute and the second hands. The hands and the inner markings are luminescent, thus, are visible in darkness as the watch’s silver crown is lodged between two gorges for protection and stability.

You will be able to keep track of days using a date window while the availability four other windows provides stopwatch and other functions that you may find handy during events that require separate timings such as sports and laboratory experiments.

JY0050-55L reviewTime keeping

JY0050 keeps track of time and days using the International Atomic Time (IAT) technology. This is a highly accurate and coordinated time measuring system that works on the basis of the earth’s geiod with considerations for the Julian and Gregorian calendars.

The radio controlled frequency features allows you to dial the 12 O’clock position or set the watch on a continuous display of the 24-hour system. The analog and digital time variation functions make the watch handy for civil and military operations alike.

Useful features

Some of the features that make JY0050-55L a watch worth making part of your fashion accessories include its ability to resist water up to the depths of 200 meters (660 feet). The watch has a 99 minutes countdown timer with a world time specification that incorporates 43 cities across Asia, North America and Europe. You do not have to change the battery frequently given its power reserve that can last between 180 days to 30 months.


Citizen JY0050-55L falls under the Skyhawk Flight series and its dimensions span 45 mm in diameter by 15 mm in thickness. The titanium strap can be adjusted by any watch dealer or repair expert to give you a perfect fit. This is done by taking out a number of segments that make up the strap’s chain. You can have the segments replaced to increase its size should your wrist grow in the future, so it is worth holding onto the segments when they are taken out.


JY0050-55L-5aOverall thoughts on the Citizen JY0050-55L

This watch looks amazing, even better in the real than when you see it on the internet. But it works just as well as it looks, and the innovative features that Citizen has added to the JY0050-55L makes it a really good functional watch. The fact that you do not have to change the time ever, even when you go to a different country is very useful.

Overall the Citizen JY0050-55L is a really good quality watch that is extremely accurate, durable and it just looks amazing. It looks better than many watches that cost two or three times as much as this one, and probably works better than them too.


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