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Citizen BL8000-54L Calibre Series Watch Review

Established in 1918, the Citizen Watch Company has been making high quality wrist watches for almost a whole century. Some of the best timepieces offered by this Citizen BL8000-54Llegendary watch manufacturer are in the Calibre series, which has been a classic hit for consumers around the globe. One of these world class watches is the Citizen Calibre BL8000-54L, which is engineered to provide a perfect blend of elegance, durability, and utility with its modern set of features.

The BL8000-54L has a more classic design than a lot of the modern style sports watches that Citizen makes. It is more of a dress watch, although will look good in a whole number of situations. The features used on the BL8000-54L make it as functional as it is stylish, so you get a lot of user benefit from this particular model.

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BL8000-54LEco-drive system

Underneath the BL8000-54L is Citizen’s exclusive Eco-drive technology that makes it friendly to the environment. This Eco-friendly watch is designed to absorb a sizable amount of sunlight or light from other sources using its crystal and dial.

As a result, the Calibre BL8000-54L can continuously recharge itself as it functions. Furthermore, regular exposure to the light helps the Eco-drive recharge the whole timepiece efficiently for a longer lifespan. The charge lasts a very long time too, so it makes this watch really efficient.

Water resistant up to 100 meters

Despite having an elegant and delicate appearance, the Citizen Calibre BL8000-54L let users go to depths of up to 100 meters or 330 feet. This eliminates the worries of losing the timing accuracy of the watch or getting damaged by the elements when submerging underwater. Additionally, it makes the BL8000-54L an ideal wristwatch to use on water sports and wet adventures.

Scratch resistant

The Citizen Calibre BL8000-54L is built to resist scratches, making it the perfect wristwatch for men with an active lifestyle. The mineral crystal over the viewing glass is extra hardened for extra durability and added protection against scratches. The crystal is also non-reflective to easily view the time, day, and date all the time.

Japanese quartz movement

The Japanese quartz movement eliminates the bulkiness of watch cases as short battery life issues. This is made possible by lessening the watch case volume and not depending on battery for power. This type of movement also gives the BL8000-54L further water resistance and shock resistance. Trusted by official timekeepers, the Japanese quartz movement are also known for their superior accuracy, which is behind the BL8000-54L’s timing precision.

Blue background with 3 sub dials

The dial background of the Calibre BL8000-54L comes in blue for easy viewing and a more appealing aesthetics. It features a total of 3 Sub Dials for month readings, day readings, and 24-hour readings. It also comes with a window for dates at the 4 o’clock mark.

Citizen BL8000-54L review

Retrograde perpetual calendar

The perpetual calendar incorporated in Citizen’s BL8000-54L automatically adjusts for best precision. It also makes it easy to adjust odd and even months as well as leap years up to the next century.

Citizen-BL8000-54L-4aStainless steel bracelet

The bracelet of the Calibre BL8000-54L is made from stainless steel for added durability and rust protection. It comes in a silver finish and includes small brushed links which are connected by a double folding clasps that folds.

It can be easily connected and detached with a short squeeze on the side buttons for added convenience. The band comes in a smooth and rounded finish to make sure that it doesn’t irritate your arm while using.

Alarm system

To keep all the important tasks and things-to-do in check, the BL8000-54L includes an easy to operate alarm system. The Citizen Calibre BL8000-54L features a case diameter of 39 millimeters and a case thickness of 10 millimeters. The bracelet length is measured at Men’s standard and comes in an elegant silver finish.

Final thoughts on the Citizen BL8000-54L

This is a very stylish watch from Citizen. It also provides a lot of the well known features and functionality of their very popular watch ranges, such as the eco-drive system and the perpetual calendar. The price of the Citizen BL8000-54L is also very favorable, so if you wanted a more stylish watch with the usual Citizen quality then this is an ideal model to choose.

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