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Citizen AT4010-50e Chronograph Watch Review

Citizen watches are known for their quality and excellent design features. They really do have a massive range of very stylish watches that offer precision timing with a AT4010-50efashionable look. In this article we are going to take a closer look at the Citizen AT4010-50e, and see what this watch has to offer and help to answer any questions you may have about this particular model.

The first thing we noticed when we saw the AT4010-50e for the first time was how stunning it looked. The images on the internet do not do it justice, it looks a lot better in the real. You would be forgiven for thinking that this watch is worth a lot more than you price you paid for it when you see it. Not only does it look good, but it feels good when you put it on too. The size, although fairly big, is not oversized like some of the watches you see today.

The buttons on the dial are easy to access and press. Obviously no winding is required for this watch as it is powered by the light. The atomic time keeping ensures that the AT4010-50e is kept at the exact right time, with radio controlled updates keeping it on track to the second. This innovative technology just allows you to enjoy the watch and not have to worry about keeping it set to the right time, as it is all done for you.

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A closer look at the Citizen AT4010-50e

Atomic time keeping

Citizen market this watch as the most accurate watch in the world. How and why do they make such a bold claim? Well, it is because of the innovative atomic time keeping technology they utilize in the AT4010-50e.

citizen AT4010-50e

The watch basically connects by radio receiver to a controller in any of the 5 different time zones it can operate in. It will keep you watch accurate to the second, and you never have to do anything to keep the watch on time. If you move to a different time zone the watch will detect that and automatically update the time accordingly.

Power reserve indicator

You will never need to buy a battery for the AT4010-50e. It gets its power from light, and this can be natural or artificial light too. Leaving the watch under a turned on lamp will indeed help to charge the watch and keep it running.

If for some reason your watch has not seen any light for a while, there is a power reserve indicator that will tell you that you need to get the watch charged. It is doubtful that you will ever see this, unless you keep the watch in a box or a drawer for long periods at a time. But it is there just in case.


Materials used to make the AT4010-50e

The band, case and bezel on the AT4010-50e are all made from brushed titanium. This gives it a very strong and durable aspect to the watch design. But the titanium also looks incredible too. The brushed finish just gives it that extra look of quality and style.

The window on the dial is made from anti reflective sapphire. This adds to the tough exterior and durability of this watch. Obviously you will not want to knock it about, but if it does take a knock or two it should stand up to it will and leave it unscathed.

Watch size

We found this watch to be the ideal size. It is big enough to be seen, but not so big that is noticeably sticks out of your wrist. Even for medium to small sized writs the Citizen AT4010-50e will sit on them perfectly and not look oversized. The actual dimensions of the watch are as follows:

  • Case diameter = 42 mm
  • Case thickness = 13 mm
  • Band width = 24 mm

AT4010-50e review

Additional features

The AT4010-50e has a perpetual calendar, so it will always stay on the correct date once the watch has been initially set up. It is water resistant to a depth of 660 feet. The watch also carries a 5 year warranty too.

Overall thoughts on the Citizen AT4010-50e

This is a very impressive watch, there is no doubt about that. It will take a little time to set up initially when you get it for the first time. But once it has been set up you will not have to touch it again. The Citizen AT4010-50e is quality all round, and certainly as good as, if not better than some of the $1000+ watches you will currently find on the market.

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