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Casio GA110HC-1a G-Shock Watch Review

For over 25 years, Casio’s G-Shock line of digital watches has been synonymous with versatility and toughness. Having a fashionable and uniquely recognizable look, G-GA110HC-1AShocks are often seen sported by people from all walks of life – from serious athletes to the media trendsetters of today. These digital watches have also been issued to American GIs and NATO Special Forces for its battle-tested features.

Waterproof and durable, the G-Shock for men and women are ideal for every activity, indoors or outdoors. One of these tough-as-nails, digital timepieces is the Casio GA110HC-1A, which quickly became a favorite in the digital watch market since it was first introduced in 2011 with its combined functionality, flexibility, and fashion ability.

The hyper color used in the design of this watch really makes it stand out and catch the eye. It looks great it has to be said, and even better in the real rather than when you see pictures of it online. These watches were designed to shock, and they are shocking in the best possible way. The GA110HC-1A typifies everything that the G-Shock ranges stands for, and is a really great advert for their brand.

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Specifications for the Casio G-Shock GA110HC-1A

casio GA110HC-1AShock resistant

Casio created the G-shocks in the pursuit for the unbreakable digital watch. Like the other G-shocks, the GA110HC-1A is known for its ultimate shock resistance that’s why strong vibrations and hard knocks won’t be a problem.

This also makes it the perfect watch for outdoor adventures, military activities, sports, and other physically challenging activities due to its exclusive “floating module configuration”, which is a new and innovative way of delivering shock absorption.

Scratch resistant

The Urethane-enclosed glass of the GA110HC-1A provides an added layer of protection against impacts as it protrudes significantly higher than the glass. It’s durable resin band on the other hand is made with a special blend of urethane resin for superior scratch-resistance.

This state-of-the-art band material also works to suppress damage when the watch is dropped as it uses a 150 degree motion range. It is secured by a rustproof, stainless GA110HC-1A reviewsteel buckle clasp to make sure that it stays on your wrist as you go.

Water resistant up to 200 meters

Also ideal for riding the waves and diving adventures, the GA110HC-1A digital watch offers water resistance up to two hundred meters deep. This water resistance level is a serious contender among other digital watches in the market today, a fact made surprising with the G-Shock’s fashionable design.

Hybrid quartz movement

The Hybrid quartz movement of the Casio G-Shock GA110HC-1A has three benefits. First, it allows superior accuracy with a margin error that is lesser than a second a day. This makes it the ideal digital watch for people who are working in an industry that demands accurate timing.

Secondly, it has a lighter weight than its automatic counterparts that allows better precision. And third, is the battery powered operation, which doesn’t make the GA110HC-1A reliant on moving and motion parts, unlike automatic versions that involve more and costlier maintenance.

g-shock GA110HC-1A

Automatic LED backlight

The G-Shock GA110HC-1A is equipped with an automatic LED electro-luminescent backlit feature. This will make it easier to see the time, date, and day while underwater or in less than ideal lighting conditions. To help preserve a longer battery life, the electro-luminescent backlights work without consuming the battery power, but through the electro charges collected since its manufacturing.

The Casio G-Shock GA110HC-1A has a case diameter of 51 millimeters and case thickness of 17 millimeters. It has a Men’s standard band length and a band width of 16 millimeters.


Overall conclusion on the Casio G-Shock GA110HC-1A

If you like G-Shock watches, then you are going to love the GA110HC-1A. It looks great and has really good functionality too. If you have never tried a G-Shock watch before, then this is an ideal model to get if you want to start wearing these stylish looking watches. For the price too, the Casio G-Shock GA110HC-1A is really good value for money.

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